Thursday, November 4, 2010

Holidays, birthdays, and more- OhMy!

So- believe it or not- we are coming up on the holiday season. Yup- it's not summer anymore ya'll.... crazy I know.

I think what happens in Texas is that we don't believe that the holiday season is coming until it starts to get cool/ cold outside. So when it's still hitting 90 in mid- October- all of us Texans are like "Nope- no holidays around here" and then we're like "Why are they putting out Halloween stuff? Thanksgiving stuff? and what's with all the winter clothes everywhere"

"Wait? What? It's October all ready- OMG- you mean November???" what happened....

anyhow- that's my theory.

So that also means that I get to start thinking about Kash's 1st birthday party- and how it can't interfere with mine- I mean- how we can have 2 separate parties that are both a lot of fun! right? One adult- and one kiddo.

Ideas... ideas... ideas.... I have been throwing around ideas for Kash- maybe a carnival theme- or what about a airplane pilot theme? or maybe just maybe a winter 'one'derland theme..... *sigh* what to do- what to do-
OH- I know- I can ask for help and suggestions from all of you guys and gals!!! Tell me tell me- what do you think??

Here is some background info:
Kash isn't walking yet- but I am pretty sure he will be by the time his b-day rolls around- he's getting very close. He likes lights, doorstops, birds, and music. He likes to throw balls, bang on keyboards, and close doors.

and- Go!

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