Monday, January 31, 2011

Cooking it up!

This weekend we made some yummy food. It was such a beautiful weekend- 75 degrees- sunny with a little bit of cloud cover- nice! K and I went for a run Saturday morning- played at the park- talked to the cows-it was just nice. OH- and we also took family pictures on Sunday- but more on that in another post.

Back to the cooking-

I actually thought that it was going to rain-(I don't know why we even listen to the weather guys in TX) so I was thinking something yummy in the crock pot was called for. These crock pot carnitas from Weelicious are the best. Super easy- since you just dump it all in and go- and they fill the whole house with flavor. To top them off I found this Mexican Coleslaw - it added the perfect "crunch" to the tacos- which we put on corn tortillas. The only thing about the coleslaw is that it calls for diced avocados- and it makes a lot. So now the leftover's have turned a little brown. So next time I think I won't add the avocados to the main dish- I will just wait and add those to each individual serving.
We have actually eaten these yummy tacos for 3 days now- and plan on warming them up again tonight after BigSisterC's basketball game- they are just that good-

Hope you all had a great weekend! stayed tuned to see family pictures.

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