Friday, January 7, 2011

Out of Town Holidays 2010

We had a great family visit to Georgia. K's 1st time on a plane- and he did great. I took all the advice from friends that was given me:
- bring toys that he's never seen/ played with before
- don't worry what everyone else thinks
- give a bottle at take off
- give yourself plenty of time to get through security
- bring snacks
We did all this and all went great. We only one tiny little set back on our way out of town. They let us board early- since we had the little one- how nice. But then our flight ended up getting delayed almost 2 hours!!! while we were ON the plane!! arrghghghghgh...
The pilot kept coming on saying "In just 30 more minutes folks- we should know more"
Then 30 minutes later he would say "Well folks- looks like we are going to be here 30 more minutes"


But we took off- had the bottle handy- and K went out - sound asleep. He slept the whole flight, until we started our decent into Atlanta. I don't know if his ears were popping or not- but I am pretty sure he was tired of being stuck in his car seat for almost 4 hours! As soon as the wheels touched the ground- we got him out and he was a happy camper again! Flirting with all the girls around us of course.
We got our rent-a-car and headed straight for the Krystal Hamburgers- YUMMY!! and it was snowing around us- how sweet. Little tiny hamburgers, sweet tea,  and snow :) mommy's happy.

Over the next 4 days we ate as much as we could and visited as much family as we could. It was a great visit. K got to meet 3 sets of great grandparents! wow! By the end of the trip he had everyone wrapped around his little finger and I am pretty sure he went back to daycare talking about all of us. Telling his friends things like "dude- all I did was shake my head and all 6 people at the table started shaking their heads too- they were weird"
LOL! it's true-

At Gigi & PapaB's opening presents-
and wearing the bows!

awwww- he loves his new monkey- giving kisses is so sweet!

playing with Aunt Cyd
 We also had the opportunity to celebrate with MY Great Uncle Bubba- so K's only Great Great Uncle- he has a beautiful home- amazing- right? We always love going out there and listening to him tell stories about him and my Grandaddy- getting into-  and trying to stay out of trouble-and let me tell you- they didn't do a very good job of it!

You really can't tell- but the pond was frozen when we got there~!

I can tell that K and his Great Uncle K will be great buddies one day- since K is already a Georgia bulldog fan and really likes Budweiser (cans that is-  he didn't have any of the beer...and you can't give him any until he's muchmuch older Uncle K!!!)

K and Greatgreat Uncle Bubba-
It was Uncle Bubba's 84th birthday- Happy Birthday!
We celebrated with moonshine- LOL!

Out and about for some hot wings and live music.

This is actually my mom and uncles toy horse- it has seen many many years of play time!

We really had a great trip. I got to get my fill of Krystal hamburgers. We even tried a Nu-Way hot dog- and it was good too! I brought home some Brunswick stew- (thank you Granny Nell) and I can hardly wait to try some. We also discovered this awesome brewery that is in Atlanta while we were in Florida last year. They don't sell their beer in TX- sadsadsad... But we stocked up and brought some back home- yay! Check them out- SweetWater Brewery.

It's sad to say but we don't get to be around family very much. We have wonderful friends here in TX- but since both of our families live out of town- it really makes the time special when you get to be around those that are related to you. I think that all younger people should get to be around great grandparents and listen to stories and wisdom that they have to offer. It stinks that travel is so expensive! We would love for brotherC and sisterC to get to make a trip to Georgia too. Maybe one of these days....

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