Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bathroom Etiquette-

Dear Restroom lady-

I understand that sometimes you  just have to "go". And sometimes this happens at work- and not in the privacy of your own home.

Please note- that we have private bathrooms downstairs- just one stall. That's right- you and only you.

But even they are not sound proof.

So if you can't make it to the bottom floor to "drop off the kids at the pool"

Please- for all our sake's!!! - keep the grunting to a minimum. (ew-ew-ew- just ew)

I mean- really- it's not necessary- is it?

Thank you-
The other women in the bathroom

BTW- we know what your shoes look like.....

embarrassing isn't it?

1 comment:

  1. For a split second I felt the blood rush out of my face as I opened this post to read "Dear Restroom Lady." Thank God you aren't talking about me. Ha Ha Ha! But I am in total agreement with you - on all.