Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas Morning

We are just a lucky lucky family- and we must have been pretty good this year! Santa was good to all of us-

 he saw the slide 1st~ whoooooaaaa

 Big Brother C under those piles of presents

Let's get to opening those Big Sister C!

my very own cell phone??

Notice his sideways footing- LOL! those pj's were a little too big-
  just lounging around in new clothes-  no biggie....

 what's this?? This thing is awesome! it shoots balls out with air- while K tries to stick them back in- he loves it- and so do the dogs!

love my new car!

look ma! no hands!

his fleece pj's got a little hot- but he is still working the 1/2 pj look! LOL!

what a day! now off to pack and get ready for our "Out of town" holiday celebration- that's up next!

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