Sunday, August 30, 2009

Austin Hot Sauce Festival

Sunday we went out to the Austin Hot Sauce Festival at Waterloo park. With the "cold front" that Austin got- the weather was nice and the sauce was HOT! haha! Our friends Wade and Kelly came along with us- just a great way to get out of the house on a Sunday afternoon.

Some of our favorites were the Big Daddy's Ass Burn sauce.... yes- that's what it is really called. And the crew was wearing shirts that said "Hell going in- Hell going out"

They don't kid around. Sauce names were:
The Orginal Ass Burn (my favorite), High on Fire, Amplified Heat, and Flaming Lips.

One of the others we liked was Big Dawg Salsa- they had some awesome BBQ and Dipping Sauces called Slobber and Drooling- along with some yummy hot sauce- even one called D.N.R (that's for Do Not Resucitate) Needless to say I didn't not try that one....

Then the live music really hit it off! Paula Nelson hit the stage and then we found a shaded spot and got comfy on our blanket to watch T-Bird and The Breaks and they were great! I am pretty sure I have missed my called to be a back up tamborine/ maraca/dancer and shaker. Those girls were having SO much fun! I could totally do that! If you have a chance to check these guys out around Austin- I promise you will not be bored. They were seriouly breaking it down~ and so was the crowd!

What a great Funday Sunday!

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