Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ciara's 11th B-day

What a fun party! We took Ciara and her friends bowling at Main Event. Then played some games- and headed back to the house to cook out steaks and bake potatoes! Everyone had a blast! (even the dogs! I think Gracie licked all the girls clean!)

Gracie was licking all the girls!
Getting ready to go out on the town!
The boys...
Fun times!Riding the roller coaster- wheeeee!Cody was scared to ride alone- Skyler was the brave one!Lots of birthday gifts!
See what it is!

Yes! new clothes

You can tell that Caleb is so excited.....

what?? who got that for her? That makes her the 1st one in the family with a flat screen! I am jealous.

Yummy cake

all passed out..... finally.....

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