Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Female McGyver

So here's a good story for all of you folks out there looking for a good laugh...

Wednesdays at lunch I go to an aerobics class at my gym that I love! Today was especially a great day! We had a sub for our regular instructor- and I asked her about doing the class while pregnant. She has a 1 year old and taught the class while she was expecting- that's great news! Put some of my silly fears to rest.
So the work out is great and I head back to the office to shower up and get back to work. While I am getting ready- my bra breaks.... well more like BUSTS open... front closure.... just hanging out....

Can I tie it together? No. Do I have a safety pin? No. Can I go freestyle? haha! NO.

hmmmm.... how am I going to handle this?

I find a bobby pin, a hair tie, and some tweezers.... that's all I have. (too bad I didn't have a pack of gum and a lighter- not to sure what I would've done with those items- but McGyver always made those work)

Anyhow- I go to work. Using the bobby pin and tweezers to stuff the hair tie in the loops of the bra. And I am now wearing some sort of front tie contraption that keeps poking in between the girls. Great.

You know- if it was time for me to go bra shopping- there were other, more subtle ways of giving me the hint....

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