Friday, August 28, 2009

If you build it- they will come!

For those of you who don't know- we are building our 1st house! It's coming right along. Should be ready for move in by November- and I just can't wait. Here are some pictures of the progress. It's OFFICIALLY ours!
Clearing off the land.

All clear.
Putting up the forms.

Bottom floor framing. (is that an actual "rain" cloud? I have forgotten what those look like....)

2nd Floor framing!

I can't wait until we get to start the actual move! (not that I am excited about the whole moving process) BUT- getting to set up the house and decorate. (that's where our good friend Miss. Kelly comes in! she has that decorator eye- and she's single boys- and CUTE!) But the kids will get to decorate their rooms- and the nursery will get to be all set up- and the dogs are going to love it- it's just all SO exciting!

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