Tuesday, February 1, 2011

And together they had 3 very lovey kiddos-

What can I say? Matt Montalvo is truly talented. He takes gorgeous photos with ease. He's professional- and I feel like these days we can also consider him a friend. I almost feel like I am a celebrity and Matt is my personal photographer. How lucky am I? We chose Matt as our wedding photographer back in 2008. He has captured some of the most important and special moments of our lives. If you ever need a photographer- call him- and please tell him you heard about him from me.

Here's us back in Oct 2008- Engagement Photos

Bridal pictures-

Wedding Day!!

and adding to our family-

and our 1st Family of Five pictures!!!


  1. I like the new look and the new name.
    You are so creative and funny.
    Tee Bee

  2. I love your family pics! What a gorgeous family you have!!!