Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Watch week 2/14/11- 2/20/11

This is a short week- lots to get done- lots of running around to do- hopefully I can get in the gym at least a few times- then we head out of town to party it up with some friends in Nashville. I can't wait!!

Monday- welp- didn't get off to as great of a start as I wanted. I went to the mall today at lunch and skipped the gym- but I HAD to get some new jeans for my trip this week! Really- I really had to. At least that is out of the way- so I can focus on workouts for the rest of the week- ok- ok.
Tuesday- Body Pump- you know- this is the class that The Watch doesn't like- but I do. I like it when the instructor plays the music loud- makes you kinda feel like you're at a dance club and you just happen to be lifting weights. Burned 148 calories.
Wednesday- Body Step- by far my favorite class! I decided to stay a little longer in class today- I usually leave after about 40 minutes so that I can get back to the office, shower, and be back at my desk. But since it was my last workout before we head out of town- I stayed. Glad I did- so much fun! 534 calories- gone! Even got a "good workout" from The Watch.
Thursday- airport walking- does that count?
Friday- 16 oz curls- LOL- those for sure count, right?
Saturday- oh it's just worthless at this point- we did walk to a few places....
Sunday- and we walked through the airport- we really were worthless at this point....

But our trip to Nashville was a BLAST. and that's for another post.

TOTAL: 682

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