Monday, February 14, 2011

The Watch week 2/7- 2/13

Did pretty good last week. And my total would have been even higher if The Watch would have counted my Wednesday workout.

Monday- I so did not want to go to the gym today- it's good that I have friends- and The Watch-  that push me to go. You know- getting to the gym is the hardest part- today I did Body Attack- my goal was to break 300 calories today and I did it- 301 burned.
Tuesday- so there's a bug going around K's school and he had a nasty poo- and I guess I jumped the gun and thought that he may have it- so I kept him home for the day- and didn't get any workout in- The Watch stared at me all day saying "Exercise Day" -yea- I see you. but things work in mysterious ways because...
Wednesday- while stuck at home my car decided to stop working- well let me clarify- my power steering went out- and my Hubs decided to take everything apart- and then the car wouldn't work. So it's a good thing I was stuck at home- and not at the office! But that makes day 2 of no work out- and I am going a little bit stir crazy. So I am actually looking forward to getting back to the office which means- I get to go to the gym on my lunch break. Let's just hope my car sticks with that plan too.
Thursday- yay- back to Body Combat- man! that's a great class- just kicking butt- it's a serious stress reliever. Burned 480- nice. You know- it was good to miss the gym- I know I don't have to work out everyday- but I did miss it- and was happy to be back in.

*Side note* man! you would NOT  believe my luck. I couldn't find my keys last night so we were up at the office until 7:00 waiting on a locksmith to break in my car. I had to steal some crackers from a break room to feed K while we were waiting. Turns out- someone found my keys and turned them into the front desk- glad I got them back Friday morning!! (they were already gone for the day when I realized I couldn't find my keys)
Anyhow- that made Friday's workout just that much sweeter- that I actually got to drive to the gym. I tell you- me and this car are battling it out!

Friday- went to do Body Pump- this is a weight lifting class. The Watch does not like so much. He is always telling me crap like "you only burned a wimpy 154 calories- WIMP" and I'm like "Listen here Watch- have you ever done 5 minutes of straight squats?? huh?? Oh yea- you don't have any legs- that's what I thought"
Anyhow- the class is tough- 5 minutes of weight lifting for each body part- so even though the calories are low- it's a great workout- I did notice that I need to go up on my weights- it's just that time.
Saturday- me and the girls met up for some Body Combat- and kicked some serious bootie- burned 709 calories burned- yeow!
Sunday- no workout today- even thought The Watch said I needed to do a fitness test- hmmm? what's that? I didn't have time to study- so no test for me today.

TOTAL: 1572

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