Monday, February 7, 2011

The Watch week 1/31- 2/6

This is calorie burning according to The Watch- (if you don't know about him- you can read about him here) don't piss him off- or he'll just tell you "you're weak" and that you can only "eat brussel sprouts for a week" or some thing like that.

Monday- Body Attack 287 calories
Tuesday- stayed home with the baby- so not an "official" workout- but I did chase him around all day.
Wednesday- Body Step- normally- or last week I burned 458 calories in this class- but I must have made The Watch mad- or maybe he was too cold- or maybe I forgot to press start- but whatev... he said I burned a whopping 6 calories today.
Thursday- Body Combat- 482 calories and The Watch actually said "Good Workout!"
Friday- welp- we had a snow day! yay! So I popped in one of the 30 Day Shred DVDs from Jillian- did leval 3- and only burned 163 calories- but hey- at least we got a work out in on our day off.
Saurday- went the the gym with Kristen- we did Body Combat- great workout!!! burned 518 calories-
Sunday- ummm.... nothing-

TOTAL- 1914

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