Monday, February 7, 2011

Texas Snow!

You know in TX- when it snows everyone freaks out and everything closes down. Which was nice- so no work on Friday! yay! it's a snow day.

The other part of that is- we don't really have any cold weather clothes either- so you just have to wing it. I put K in some baby legs, sweat pants, a long sleeve shirt, his heavy jacket, and sock monkey hat- hope he was warm. I couldn't find his little mittens- so we didn't stay out long. He didn't like touching the snow- but he liked crunching it under his feet.

I told you that Texans don't know how to dress in the snow-

C throwing snow balls to the dogs- they loved it!

Gracie kept eating the snow-

Our street- no one had drove on the roads- looks cool huh?

and what do we get into when we are home on a snow day?

 Look i'm in the middle-

We made a pot of Chicken Pot Pie soup- From Gina's Skinny Recipes- it was soooo good and perfect for a snow day dish!

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