Thursday, February 3, 2011

Spontaneous what??

I'm not sure why I ever named this blog Spontaneous Life- because well...
I'm not.
Can I go with the flow?
But I like my flow.
I am just a planner. I like my routine. I like to know what's coming up. And I like to have a plan about what to do about it. I even like to have a plan for things that aren't happening- just in case they do happen.
It's almost instinctive. I find myself thinking and even planning to be spontaneous.... yes-

it's weird. it's O.C.D + A.D.D = O-D-D!

and then somethings I don't have a plan for things like when the GIANT freaking daddy longlegs came crawling out from behind my rearview mirror and I had a full blown panic attack while trying to get out of traffic and pull over before running everyone in sight off the road.

ew- thinking of that still gives me the hebee-geebes.

But back to my reasoning- regardless of how much planning I actually do- most of the time it doesn't go as planned. Things come up- life is full of surprises and you just have to roll with it most days. No reason to stress out- spontaneously combust or pull out your hair or melt into a little pile of poo on the floor. It is- what it is. So I guess that's where I was thinking spontaneous- make it a new day- make it a new way- it's all goign to be ok. (is that a song? if not it should be)

either way- gave the ol' bloggy a little facelift-  and like I said- Spontaneous Life-



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