Sunday, March 27, 2011

Look up high- there's kites in the sky!

If you live in Austin- then you just "get it"

If you don't- well- sorry for you. It's just such a fun unique city to live in. Just this month alone- there are all kinds of happenings going around. We kicked off the month with Mardi Gras and we are about to get into full swing of SXSW Film and Music Festival- and with the upcoming time change- so it's nice and sunny out until about 8:00- just about any evening in Austin you can find a great patio to sit on, live music to listen to, and enjoy an ice cold beverage of your choice. And to top that off- it's also crawfish season!! yipeee! So most weekends you will probably find our family out on a patio elbow deep in some hot spicy crawfish- love those mudbugs!

So this weekend- we ventured off to the Austin Kite Festival at Zilker Park. Thousands and thousands of people gathter to...

well you guessed it...

Fly Kites! and hula hoop and play hacky sack and lounge around on big blankets and soak in the sunshine- which is just what we did.

Just hanging out- munching on some snacks

Now that's a BIG kite!

He's flying high-

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