Friday, March 25, 2011

Topless gyms

I wanted to go to the gym today- I really did- but

I went downstairs to get dressed-

pants- check
sports bra- check
socks, shoes, workout watch- checkcheckcheck
shirt- ohcrap!

and NO i am not into working out
a. topless or
b. in a sports bra

so I guess I will be shopping on my lunch break today....

and I will leave you with the little tid-bit. Did you know that some where like over in Europe or something- they actually do have topless- I think- even nude gyms. I am not kidding.... I read about it once- for real. And I would search it up for you- but I am at work and could probably get in trouble for looking that up on the clock.

that's just what i want to motivate me when working out- some big sweaty fat guy- naked.


Happy Friday!

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