Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Watch week 3/7- 3/13

We had such a great weekend- even got a little sunburned on Sunday. So the warm weather is here- and this coming up weekend- we Spring forward our clocks- yay! That means we get more sunshine during the day- I love it. (although the 1st few mornings with that time change are a doozy)

Monday- Body Attack- 287- not bad for a Monday- and let me tell ya- today has been a Monday...
Tuesday- Body Pump- 196 calories- and I went up on my weight today (my lifting weight) I increased on legs and back- probably going to be feeling that later on- but I had a piece of King Cake in honor of Fat Tuesday- those little babies were just calling my name- it was good!!! So I figured I could redeem myself with some heavy lifting- haha.
Wednesday- yay! my friend was back in Step Class today- she's been out getting certified to teach classes- how cool is that? Anyhow- she's such good motivation and I was glad to have her back- plus she always reminds me to push start on The Watch- who by the way- said "Good Workout" today- I know I know- what a great day! and to top it off 465 calories burned. love it.
Thursday- went to lunch with a friend- I did get a salad.
Friday- back at it at Body Pump- such a fun Friday class! whipped 210 calories- whoop!
Saturday- K and I got out and about- went for a walk and then to play at the playgound and Moooo at the cows- didn't get the heart rate up very much-
Sunday- BigSisC, me and K all went for a morning run before heading off to Hippie Church- now that was an experience! Burned 285 calories- what a way to start a Sunday!

TOTAL: 1443

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