Monday, March 7, 2011

The Watch week 2/28- 3/6

What? Spring? March? already? yay! and bathing suits are out in FULL force- so IT's ON- motivation is staring me in the face with every shopping trip. I want to have fun at the lake, the pool, the beach, everywhere this hot season.
I am actually doing a 21 day 'cleanse' of sorts- not as dramatic as a 7-10 day- but a little more realistic on the food plan (for me) so that's why I chose the 21 day- they actually suggest not working out at all- because there's a chance you could pass out- yikes! but I just can't imagine staying out of the gym for 3 straight weeks- so I am just going to take it easy and listen to my body. Any workout is better than NO workout- so if my calorie burning counts are a little low these next couple of weeks- that's why.

Monday- Body Attack- hi-ya! (that's like my karate sound) 303 calories burned- good job!
Tuesday- Body Pump- and even though The Watch usually doesn't like this class- today I actually burned 268 calories- nice! that's the most I have burned in that class so far.
Wednesday- Body Step-  boy it was a rough one today. I kept getting almostcramps in my calves- never an "official" cramp- they were just thinking about it. Still- even so- left 466 calories in sweat on the floor there. I am assuming that means I need to drink more water. right?
Thursday- no work out today-just some running around and errands.
Friday- Body Pump 260 calories burned! yay- then out for an awesome dinner-
Saturday- just a lazy ol' day- loved it!
Sunday- kite festival! what a great day for a festival.

Friday night's dinner was SO good! We went to Silver Stone- a nice little restaurant and wine bar in a small town north of ours. It was excellent. We had scallops and crab cakes, lobster, steak, garlic mashed potatoes, asparagus, wine, and then dessert. I was so stuffed that we actually ended up taking the Cinnamon cheese cake home-
My mom had given us this date night as a Christmas gift- so it was time to cash in. Everything was good- a little pricey- but it was a nice night out just the two of us. But get this- I ate so much- that I was pretty much miserable all day Saturday- booo- I learned my lesson. (and I am ready to work off those extra calories this week)

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