Tuesday, March 1, 2011

This Life Ain't For Everybody- part 1

This Life Ain't For Everybody!

That's the slogan at Winner's and Loser's- two of our favorite little hang outs in Nashville.

ain't that the truth! boy-

For those of you who don't know- about 2 years ago- we had my bachelorette party in Nashville- talk about some fun times! So it was time to take the husband back to see what all the fuss was about.

Well what can I say about this Nashville trip- or maybe what should I say?? As always- we were treated like Rockstars- hanging out with the VIP's on their "15th Annual 50th B-day Party"
-now who wants to start that tradition? I do - I do!

In the airport-

 The limo's outside waiting! and we headed straight to the bar-

ohhhh more shots- who even likes these Fireballs?

ok- we'll give it a try-

Cody loved the Fireballs- who knows what dirty joke they are laughing at this time?

Day 2- on our way to the hotel- downtown Nashville-

Lunch day 2 at Southstreet-

Done decorating for the big night! All the ladies here- the party is at 3rd and Lindsley every year- this year they had a great Santana cover band-

15th annual party!

All dressed up for the party-

who makes shots this big?? The 1st of many Patron- chilled

Look look- it's me and Kelly! I can't believe they put up a painting of us!

Love this picture- not too sure what's going on here- lol-


Let's get this party started!

Day 3- after lunch we hung out with some friends- heard a lot of stories, and a TON of jokes- we laughed A LOT- it was my favorite day-

but this is where part 1 ends- because I can't upload anymore pictures without upgrading my account- and I need to figure out if that's what I want to do- I am sure I will- but I was on a roll and now I have to take a break to contemplate this issue-


  1. Sounds like a good time in Nashville. I am going to start that 50th birthday aniversay tradition!.

  2. FUNNN! I want to go to Nashville. :)

  3. OH Mrs Post- you would LOVE Nashville- and they would eat you up! You will have to meet us there next year!

  4. Merritt!! I didn't know you blogged...I saw you posted something on fb. I hope you are doing well, girl! HUGS!