Thursday, November 10, 2011

1st Haircut

Some kids somehow have mixed up haircut and torture. How does that happen? Seriously- one kid screamed the.whole.time. You would have thought the girl was cutting off little pieces of his fingers or something. geesh- LOL

K did pretty good. We went to the overpriced kids place- so lots to see- lots to look at- lots of fun! When she buckled him into the chair-

"hmmmm this is a little bit weird. why does she have to strap me down?"

"wa-wa-wa- what's this? a blanket? no. why around my neck?"


"oh- I can hold this car- are you sure I can hold this car?"

"ok- so this car is cool"

"bubbles too! yay!"

"no I don't want to feel the little vibrating thing. yuck. let me just get back to the bubbles and my car"

"so weird- my neck is vibrating. bubbles? cars? happy parents? what's the deal?"

"all done. what? do you want me to get down? can I keep this car?"

All in all he did a great job. And of course looks so grown up and handsome. They gave a little baggie of his hair attached to a certificate of his 1st hair cute- pretty nice!

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