Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thankful Week 3 and Chicago

One week away from eating turkey, dressing, greens, desserts, casseroles, ham, corn, rolls, desserts, cranberries, wine, did I say desserts yet? OMG we are going to be so full.

Nov. 14th- I got a new car! Well it's new to me- I love it. I got the GMC Acadia- so far my most favorite thing- the heated seats. Love my warm toosh :)

Nov. 15th- we kicked off the Thanksgiving celebration with a turkey lunch at BabyK's school today. So glad that I have the opportunity to share that with him. We had turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans and a roll. He ate his roll, my roll- and all his apple pie of course!

Nov. 16th- my big comfy bed and my snugly warm husband.

After this we went to Chicago! I had to go for work- and since neither of us have ever been- we decided it would be a great opportunity for a quick kid-free- get-a-way- and it was!

So for the rest of Nov- I am just thankful for lots of things- and we had a great time!

Here is Soldier Field- as I am coming into town

Soldier Field

View of the city from my taxi window- so many buildings!

tall buildings all around

these were the apartments right across from our hotel- crazy! huh? they are round and the first levels that you see there are for parking. Cars back into the round parking spaces.... hmmm sounds dangerous. And you can see we are right on the river!

Tall building

I forgot this guys name- and didn't really even know why everyone wanted to take a picture with him- I think he was a famous sports announcer man?? any ideas?

Harry Cary? maybe? does that ring a bell?

We of course had to go to Millennium Park- LOVED IT!

The Bean is by far the coolest thing ever! We could have stayed there for hours looking at ourselves looking at ourselves...

that's us taking a picture of ourselves- in the bean- don't make fun- everyone was doing it!

this is under the Bean- so crazywierdcool!

The amphitheatre- would love to see a show here!

Then we went to get pizza. After much thought we decided on Giordano's Pizza- we started with the Antipasto Salad. So good!

Then came our pizza- look how thick it was!

and no tourist day would be complete without a look up Marilyn's dress!

Chicago was great! We can't wait to go back next year.

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