Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankful Nov Week 2

Another week in November- more days to be thankful for all that we have! Here we go-

Nov. 7th- Thankful for my sweet oldest son- BigBroC- he cracks me up- surprises me all the time- keeps my on my toes- and when he wants to, he can be the sweetest. Love you!

Nov. 8th- a little silly but... my Electrolux vacuum- so say for instance- that you dog somehow gets a hold of a diaper and then shakes- bites- eats it and makes a mess of little white fuzzy gross things all over the place. Just grab your vacuum and it sucks it all right up. It does the same with dog hair too.

Nov. 9th- Step class. Love it! Love the instructor! She knows just the right things to say to keep you motivated without being cheesy. I smile the whole class and leave with an extra pep- in- my- step. And burn about 600 calories- yahooo!

Nov. 10th- Being a mom. Hearing "mommy"- getting loves and hugs and kisses from my kids. My worst day as a mom will always beat any of the best days before I became one :)

Nov. 11th- Pinterest. Do you Pin? It's addicting. I love it. It keeps me creative and motivated.

Nov. 12th- ahhh Saturday mornings. No alarms- thank you.

Nov. 13th- Today we did the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure- thank you for my health- and the health of my family. And thank you to all the amazing, strong, men and women who allowed us to be a part of such an inspiring day.

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