Friday, November 4, 2011

The Conversation

Riding home the other night from dinner- the conversation went something like this:

Me: So tell me about this girl that you gave your lunch money to. That was so very nice of you.

BigBroC: Well she didn't have any- so I gave her some of mine.

BigSisC: Do you think she's cute?

BigBroC: No, I think she's HOT!

Me: Oh really? WOW. So tell me about her. How do you know her? What does she look like?

BigBroC: Well she is in my math class- I really don't know how to explain her.

Me: Well what color hair does she have? Blonde? Brown? Red? Black?

BigBroC: Oh- her hair is orange- just like yours.

Me: What? My hair is not orange!!

BigBroC: Well you know- I just have a thing for those red heads.

hahahahahahahha- where does he come up with this stuff!?

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