Monday, November 7, 2011

Thankful Nov Week 1

Well since I started off with this three days at a time thing- I figured I would just keep it going like that.

Nov. 4th- it's Friiii- day! yay! and we are going to head to K's new school Fall Fest this evening. I am so thankful that I had the support and courage to remove K from the other school that we had moved to- and yet make another hard switch to a new school- that we so far LOVE! Thank you to all his new teachers that love on him all day and teach him new and exciting things!

Nov. 5th- Today I am thankful for Texas weather. It's not dreary or snowy or nasty out. (those sound like names of the 7 dwarfs) This morning we bundling up and headed out for a walk then stopped to play on the playground- sun is shining- it's a fantastic day for football and brisket.

Nov. 6th- thankful that we are so lucky to have such awesome friends! Friends that are our family.

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