Thursday, November 3, 2011

Austin Challenge

A few weeks ago we decided to do the Austin Challenge with our neighbors- and we had a BLAST! We couldn't decide on what/who to be. Our team name was The Crazies- and we decided to be zombies, and then K and I were the victims. Really I was just an obnoxious blond wig wearing lady- and K was the baby from the Adam's Family. Random- I know. But the zombies looked awesome! It was even hard for me to talk to them they were so scary looking!

So back to the race- basically it is a scavenger hunt through downtown Austin (or downtown where-ever you are- they do it all across the USA)

But they issue you clues- you have to figure out where that clue leads you to and then go take a picture in front of it doing whatever it tells you too. Which may be rocking it out on stage- or posing at the statue of liberty- or building a human pyramid- you know- what ever it tells you to.

Shaking hands with a dog.

Statue of Liberty in Austin, TX
Some things we had to find were straight forward and somewhat easy- like finding a person wearing a professional sports team t- shirt- NOT from Texas. Easy but hard.

We are making the shape of New Jersey with our arms. Can't you tell?
Or what about finding a person that has -not only- an out of state driver's licence- but it had to be from one of the original 13 colonies... Do you even know what they are? Good thing our 8th grader is Smarter Than A 5th Grader- LOL and she knew what they were.

cutest Adam's Family baby ever!

eating the Holy Wine and Cheese cow
BUT OMG- that was hard to find. I mean a bunch of Zombies running around through town yelling "Are you from out of state?" to random people- isn't always pleasantly accepted.
Some of the clues were hard- and we had to use life lines and call into our hungover from Halloween friends to help us out. Good thing they were able to pull through.

the O' Henry Museum- this was a hard one!

he's wearing a professional sports team! take a picture with us or we will eat you!

We- of course- had to stop along the way for potty breaks and to re- fresh with cokes for the kids- and beer for the bigger kids.

a refuel... even zombies need to refuel.

what's a zombie to eat??

But all in all- we still came in 57th place out of 64 teams! winning!

The Zombies and their victim.

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