Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My sleep conversations-

So did I mention that since Kash was sick last week- we haven't really gotten back on a solid "sleeping through the night" schedule kind of thing.

and sleep is important!

so- he has been waking up at odd hours- hungry- grumpy- or whatever- it's not fun.

so this is what happened last night-

Kash wakes up at 3:45- Cody goes to make the bottle- I feed him- he goes back to sleep- Dad is back asleep- but me....


In my brain goes-

I need to go to sleep.
Maybe I should count.
Ohh I will count waves. (on the noise machine for Kash)
I wish we could go to the beach. That would be nice. Wonder if that oil will ever reach the beach. I am glad there wasn't any there while we were there.
oops- back to counting
Wonder why I was dreaming about making bombs out of toilet papers roles. That is sooo weird. and then that guy in my dream was trying to blame me- and I didn't even do it. Like just one little piece of candy solves the whole case.
oh- yea- back to trying to fall asleep.
I wish I could sleep or fall asleep fast like Cody does. How long is Kash going to be waking up? Are we going to end up having to do the cry it out thing? Man- I don't want to do that- but I guess if we have to- we have to. We definitely need our sleep.
oh- yea- I need my sleep too. Back to counting. What number was I on??? hmmm...
so I bet as soon as I start to fall asleep the alarm is going to go off. that sucks. Maybe I should just get up. Then I could work out. ugggghhhh- I am already so sore. I hate missing a week of working out. Why do I do that? So step class tomorrow- I know- I don't want to go- but I will feel better after I do the class. Plus if I want to go to happy hour with the girls tomorrow night-then I should probably get a work out in before.
Happy Hour- what I am going to wear? Should I come home and change 1st? I guess it will depend on where we are meeting up. I don't want to drive all the way north- then back into town. maybe I should pack some clothes with me in the morning. Jeans? or just wear what I wear to work? hmmm... black pants, brown? I bet Kelly will be looking cute- she always does. She has good fashion sense-
this is so funny- I should write about this in my blog- haha! Totally rambling on while I am trying to fall asleep. I wonder if this happens to anyone else. haha!

beep beep beep

and that's it- the alarm goes off and it's time to get up. WOW- that makes for a great morning. (total sarcasm there)

The only thing that keeps me justalittlebit sane- hearing Kash wake up and say Mama- and then giving me that BIG morning smile!!

oh- and coffee- lots of coffee-

This is a MUCH better conversation-

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