Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Destin Vacation (part 1)

WOW- what a great time! We had a blast- the kids boggie boarded until they dropped- we ate until we popped- and laughed a lot. We played on the beach, in the pool, around the town- everywhere! It was a little overcast and rained a little- but on the last day the sunshine came out and we all soaked it up!

Kash loved the beach. He splashed in the pool and ate his fair share of sand. If he wasn't putting it in his mouth with his hands- he was being sneaky and putting it in his mouth with his feet.

This is how we spent our days at the beach-

Kash napping- ahhhh the calm ocean waves-

The boys riding the waves- this is "pre- boggie board"
Then we got the hook up!
Well of course- Dad had to get in on the action too!
The beach bums-
Ciara's "surf modeling" debut-
The family-
Caleb's awesome sand castle!
Watching the waves- kicking the sand-

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