Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Caleb was a hoot while we were on vacation! He was cracking us up at every turn. I figured I better get these down before I forget-

- He was laying on Popi's (my Dad) stomach- I guess they had been wrestling or something. But anyhow- he was laying on his stomach and looked up at him and said "MAN you have a LOT of nose hairs"
LOL!!! hahahhhaahhaaha- we laughed for days on that one- I am not sure my Dad will ever be able to live that one down

- One night we played Scategories- tons of fun. So the letter we were on was "A" and the category that we were discussing was "Things that smell bad" well- for me- only one thing comes to mind- I really couldn't think of a "clean" way to write it down- but when I looked over at Caleb's sheet he had written this exactly-


OMG- I said "Caleb! I can't believe that you put down A___holes"

and do you know what he said???

"OH- I didn't put that for things that smell bad- I put that for the next one- Things that you are scared of"

-When we were playing Gestures- he forgot what "snap" meant- you know- like what you do with your fingers? After he tried biting Cody a few dozens times- we were still not guessing what he was "snapping" at-

-You will just have to ask me about these- There was also the story of getting milk "straight from the cow", what a married couple does when they fight, California Girls, and the category of "Things with balls" -if you could only imagine.

That boy! I tell you- he is handful. We also celebrated his 10th birthday. I can't believe that he is already double digits- where does the time go? I can still remember a 4 year old Caleb running around in his underwear- breaking out dances in the kitchen-


guess not too much has changed :)

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