Thursday, July 15, 2010

10 Guilty Mom Confessions-

So it's contagious- I was reading Jessica's blog this morning and she did this on hers- and so I am doing it on mine. So if you have a blog- maybe you should do it on yours too!

My 10 Guilty Mom Confessions (I won't say top 10- because I am sure there are more that I am just not thinking of right now)

1. When you have a poopy diaper- almost all the times- I pass you off to Dad for a diaper change
2. When we started breast feeding- it hurt SO freaking bad- I would make your Dad count down backwards from 10- but he could never count fast enough
3. I know that I am supposed to let you learn to fall asleep on your own- but I like rocking you to sleep- I like to have you sleep on me- our naps together is one of my most favorite things
4. I know that you need to move up to your room and sleep in your own crib- but for right now- I just can't stand the thought of you being all the way upstairs- so far away from us.
5. The other day when TMZ had something about the Best Buns of Summer on- and was showing a bunch of girls in bikinis- you would not look away from the TV (yes *gulp* I let you watch TMZ)
6. I keep the not-so-cute clothes at daycare for your extra set- and it never fails that if we are going out after work- and I come to get you from school- you have somehow managed to get in the ugly clothes- this makes me so frustrated! (luckily I usually plan ahead for this and bring a cute outfit with me)
7. Use to- when you spit up it would gross me out- now- not even a little bit fazed by it- I am pretty sure I have spit up on all my clothes. (along with pee and poop too) (well... not on my clothes- but you get the idea) (..right?)
8. Most of the time when we are singing songs- I make up the words- and maybe even a little bit of the tune too. (nursery rhymes too)
9. I have not really a clue on starting solids. How to start, what to start with, when, where, who- not.a.clue. But hopefully you turn out ok and we get it all figured out.
10. For the past 6 months I have used your age as an excuse to not go to the gym. And now that you are old enough to go to the daycare center there- I'm not so sure I want to take you. I would rather just skip the workout and stay home and play.


thought of a few more- goodness!

11. I am sometimes jealous of other stay-at-home moms. But then I see you at school and how much fun you are having and I get secretly scared that you would be bored staying home with me.
12. Buying your Einstein Baby Bouncer thing was one of the best purchases we have made- and got it off Craig's List! You LOVE it- and it easily gives Dad and I plenty of time to cook, clean, shower, whatever....
13. We supplement with off brand formula and off brand diapers *gasp* and to tell you the truth- I think I like these diapers better. (we also use cloth diapers- but that's a whole nother post)
14. Your Dad can always make you laugh- out loud- I love hearing the sound of you laughing- but I am secretly jealous that you don't laugh like that for me. (but that's ok- cause you snuggle me more)


  1. LOVE your blog :o) Found you from MODG... Stop by my place and say hi!

  2. These are great. Keep 'em coming. Motherhood is an adventure.