Monday, July 26, 2010

I mean....

Ok- I have just one thing to say-


That's my one thing- but let me add....

Seriously- this is how my legs are feeling right now. I mean- I know I missed working out last week- since Kash was sick and all- but FOR REAL-

I miss just one week and already- just mere hours after finishing my workout- did I just say "mere"- anyhow-I am already wibbly wobbly. Whats the deal?

Damn Squats.

I mean- I was going to work out last Friday- but my co- worker talked me into eating pizza instead.

Damn Co-Worker.

and I planned on working out this weekend- or at least going on a walk or something. But geeze- it's already like 10,000 degrees by 8:00am.

Damn Texas Heat.

Excuses, excuses, excuses- I know I know I know- they are like a-holes-

Everybody's got one...

Damn excuses.

This crap better pay off-

Damn Boot Camp.

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