Monday, July 12, 2010

Out and About- Destin that is (part 2)

What fun! You know- Destin really is a great little town. (well not so little anymore) But we had a lot of fun~ shopping, eating, walking around, eating, even saw some live music, and did I mention that we ate too? They have this great area called HarborWalk Village - lots of shops and places to eat. They had live music at most of the places (kids can even go in  too!) and you can walk around and carry your beverage of choice! watchout! It's where the boats park- and come in and drop off the days catch too. So lots of activity- and plenty to do for the kid in all of us. I'll let the pictures do the talking- check them out-

Ready to go!
So this bird is a HUNTER! He would stand here and
let the kids feed the fish then-
SNAP! He would catch one of those little fishies justlikethat! He swallowed them whole- so I am pretty sure he had a whole huge belly swimming with little fish.
Is that Captain Morgan?
The kids didn't quite get it- so Dad and Kash had to show them how it's done-
Check out Kash's leg action-
UhOh- where did Dad go?
This girl can do a serious hurting on some crab legs-
ohhhh... maybe this is Captain Morgan? haha~ no he made us some fun balloon stuff-
A parrot, a turtle, and a sword-
We went and fed alligators-
Not sure what Cody is doing here?
Now I for sure would not want to run into this shark in the ocean! (or any shark for that matter)
We took pictures with the birds. These birds just flew down- landed right on our shoulders- and in our hands- and just sat there. CRAZY! right?
Tons of fun-

Kash had fun too-
Who's hand is that?
Happy 4th of July!
Not sure what exactly is soooooo funny here-

I hope the beaches stay as beautiful as ever- hopefully the oil won't ruin Destin. It would really be a shame. We had a blast and look forward to going back another year!!

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