Wednesday, July 14, 2010

1/2 a year- really? 6 month update!

I can't believe it! Kash turns 6 months old TODAY!

Just think a year ago- this was me-
16 weeks pregnant-

And then 6 months ago- here I was-

ready to take my new little baby home from the hospital.

He is such pure joy- the purest form of joy that is legally available to a human being! I love waking up to his smiling face- love rocking him to sleep each night- love watching the kids play together- love hearing my husband making him laugh. It's truly pure bliss.

I mean- just look at this little chubby monster!

hahahaha! I can't believe that is actually THIS big boy-

Sooo onto the update! Here we go!

SIZE: not sure- but we have our 6 month check up next week- so I will update when I know. He is still wearing mostly 3-6 month size cloths.

NEW MOVES: He is soooo trying to crawl. He can get up on all 4s and rock back and forth, but hasn't quite figured out the whole "moving arms and legs" part. He can roll ALL over the place. He can sit up unassisted until he gets tired and decides to tummy it. We have been working on getting him to hold his own bottle- but who would want to hold their own bottle if someone else is offering to do it for you? Sometimes he will grab the bottle with his feet! (I think he's a littlebit part monkey)

YUMMY FOODS: No real foods yet. Not really. Still taking a bottle of formula about 5-6 oz every 3 hours. We are planing on introducing more solids- slowly. We have done some brown rice with pears- and that was just ok- We tried some frozen pureed watermelon- and this was the face I got:
I dont' think he was too sure about that. He is definitely interested. Likes to sit at the table and crush cracker packets. He also got to sit at the "big kid" table at school for the 1st time!

SLEEPING: We have moved to the pack-n-play! YAY!  It took about a week for the transition- but we are back to sleeping through the night. The Pack-n-Play is in our room- more for us than anything else. We just don't want Kash to have to sleep ALL the way upstairs all by himself. But I know that one of these days we will have to make that move. So let mommy just get prepared- and I will get there!

ANY WORDS: Not yet- lots of babbling, cooing, singing, but no real words. They do teach sign language at school- so we try and practice that at home too.

BEST MOMENTS: My favorite is still laughing. We can tickle Kash and he will laugh- that's so much fun. He also knows his name now! (although sometimes he chooses not to pay attention- but I guess that's something we will have to get use to)

FAVORITE THINGS: He LOVES his bouncy chair thing- he can do some serious bouncing in that thing! Which is good- because that really is the only place that we can put him while we cook, go to the bathroom, etc... that's safe. He can escape the bumpo chair- so no more bumpo time for him.
After going to the beach and pool and getting to splash everything- he really loves bathtime-uh Splashtime! And he loves his doggies- he talks with them- I think sometimes he yells at them- but he squeals and laughs when they are close and watches them walk EVERYwhere.
He got to meet Lola and Junior- I am sure he was wondering why these doggies were soooo small compared to ours at home-
Kisses from Lola- LOL!
Riding in the ByeBye buggy at school (his 1st ride)
Hanging out with his friends at school- that's the Cool Kids Club!

So I am sure the next 6 months will fly by just as fast- heck the last few years have gone by fast! (if I was counting- AND I AM- I would still be 30)

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  1. Happy 6 months Kash!!! Congrats on all your accomplishments thus far!